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Kashi Dental Hospital
Services - Dental Diagnosis & GP*
  Consultation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning  
  Scaling & Polishing  
  Filling (Restoration)  
  Consultation, Diagnosis & Treatment Planning
  • A small charge for first appointment, later no consultation fee till the completion of
  • To avoid waiting period, please always take prior appointment.
  • Depending upon the case requirement, appropriate Radiographs & other test
    (Vitality test, blood test, BP measurement etc) are advised to confirm the diagnosis.
  • Intra-oral camera is provided in the operatory, so patient can view the present
    status of their problems in oral cavity.
  • Our first priority will be to treat your chief complaint.
  • We will explain you the various treatment options, so you can select the best.




  Scaling & Polishing  
  Scaling: it is a procedure to remove calculus, debris and stains from tooth surface.
Polishing: it removes stains or plaque left after scaling from tooth surface.
Polishing makes the tooth surface smooth, which retards plaque and debris to accumulate
on teeth.

Who needs scaling and polishing?
  • If you have bleeding gums, while brushing or when you eat something.
  • If you or others complain of foul smell from your mouth.
  • If your gums are swelled (edematous) and painful.
  • If you have extrinsic stains of tea, coffee, cigarette smoking, pan chewing and / or
    tobacco chewing.
  • If you are going to get married.
  • Once in every six months as a preventive measure.

We at Kashi Dental Hospital use the “Satelac” and Mectron compact® piezo make
ultrasonic scaler for removal of calculus and stains. Our technologies are most time
effective and delivering higher patient comfort.






  Filling (Restoration)  
  Filling (restoration of a decayed tooth structure) becomes necessary when tooth decay is
limited to its outer layers and has not reached to pulp.

Who needs filling?
  • If you have a carious teeth.
  • If food get lodged in any of your teeth.
  • If you feel sensitivity, while taking hot or cold.
  • If you have abrasions at the neck of the teeth.
There are four basic types of filling materials used
  • Traditional silver amalgam.
  • Glass Ionomer cements and its various modified forms
  • Light cure composite resin
  • Gold foil

Traditional silver amalgam: They are effective, but contain mercury, a toxic element.
Because of mercury toxicity use of amalgam filling are abolished in many countries.
Though the Indian government has not yet banned amalgam filling, we have reduced
significantly its use in our practice.
Glass Ionomer cements and its various modified forms: They are tooth colored filling
material being used for deciduous teeth. It is also used in Atraumatic restorative
technique. Metal filled Glass Ionomer cement are grey colored. This material is having
better strength. Resin filled Glass Ionomer cement is also available. Now a days light cure
Glass Ionomer cements are also being used.
Light cure composite resin: They are tooth colored filling material, strong, durable and
with no risk on health like amalgam filling.
It is used as tooth binding procedure; enhance strength and appearance of tooth.

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